SMS Deliverer Enterprise 2.0.4

SMS Deliverer adalah software yang berfungsi untuk mengirim SMS massal melalui komputer .mendukung berbagai jenis telepon dan modem. sobat dapat mengirim pesan SMS massal melalui komputer hanya satu klik. SMS Deliverer akan menganalisis setiap SMS masuk dan melakukan scan untuk dijadikan sebagai kata kunci. Alat yang di butuhkan:komputer, ponsel dan kabel data atau Bluetooth.


-Send/Receive Bulk SMS.
-Double improve send speed, it is very useful for some important messages,for example alert message.
-Send personalized SMS content to each recipient by inserting variable from the contacts informations.
-Never Forget To Follow Up, & Send Important SMS Again Schedule Now For Future -Days/Weeks/Mths/Years Follow Up Ideal For Your Sales Follow, Marketing, Campaigns & Etc.
-Analyse incoming SMS messages and match keywords, auto reply predefined messages.
-Support up to 1000 characters messages in single SMS.
-And many more.

Download SMS Deliverer Enterprise 2.0.4 Full | 4MB
1. Download | Via Tusfiles
2. Download | Via Sharebeast
3. Download | Via Mightyupload
4. Download | Via Verzend
5. Download | Via Cyberkocker
6. Download | Via Exoshare( Multi Upload 12 site )
7. Download | Via Uploadmirrors( Multi Upload 14 site )


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